Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Weekly Hobby: News from the frontline!

How many bits is too many bits?  Well, one or 2 more boxes couldn't hurt.  I'll totally need those for that project I'll do in 3 years!

Welcome to hobby weekly, where each week I ramble on about the stuff I've been doing hobby wise.

This week is a little different, as all the hobby work I've been doing was mostly behind the scene's stuff for the blog.  

I'm in the process of moving the blogspot to a wordpress template, that is a lot more customizable, looks more professional and friendlier for the various promotions I got going on, affiliate links and the e-books mostly.

That is stil quite the WIP and no real release date is set for this.

Second thing, while I'm not saying I'm leaving the tournament scene, again, it is a down period for me, with nothing but the QCO, that I'm setting up, lined up before April.  I'm using this time to pour work into the store with the guys.  They put up these nice shelves to clear up some space next to the desks. 

I've designed this one as my bits shelf, and am in the process of sorting everything up.  It's stayed in a messy pile ever since I moved them out of my appartement in June.

That's the only thing remotely hobby related that happened this week.

And finally, I've been looking a whole lot into making custom dice, paint brushes and other gaming/ painting doodads.  So stay tuned for that.

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