Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hobby Weekly: Ultramarines Tanks

As promised last week, this week's Hobby Weekly is a showcase of JC's finished Ultramarines tanks.  Welcome to hobby weekly, where each week I ramble on about the stuff I've been doing hobby wise.

Because of the beautiful thing that is technology, I wrote this article on my way to NOVA, so I don't know if JC did well or not with the beasts, but regardless of winning and losing, he did it in style fo sho!


Quite happy with these guys.  Simple and to the point, the fancy assault canon turrets and doors from Forge World make these models stand out without much additional effort.

Spartan Land Raider:

What a beast!  The quad-lascanons per side were a real pain to paint while assembled.  Because it's all resin and they actually swivel around ( and, also not mine ), I didn't want to break them off.  If you own of of these, don't glue the lascanon battery before painting, you will hate yourself.

The over all look of the models is based around JC's current army, which is painted darker than regular Ultramarines and on reddish-brown bases.  So the blue is not your typical Ultramarine blue and the tracks are rusted and heavily weathered to match the models bases.

Small details like this can go a long way.

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