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Shop Smart!  Shop H...  Shop P...  Whatever, this ain't working.  

Most questions I receive are usually roughly the same and require me to recommend some products. Although I usually preach buying from your local game store, some stuff is just never affordable in store compared to good old amazon.

So here are a couple of links ( if you're outside of Canada, you might have to shop around) from my affiliate program so I get some dollars if you buy your hobby supplies through here.


I am currently using the complete kit found below.  I set everything up to do a review and unboxing video and have yet to replace anything or change anything. 

This kit it the best to start airbrushing in no time.  It comes with everything you need, so no mixing and matching different products and brands buying individually.   You can find more info on this kit by clicking here.


You can find the complete specs on the Basic Spray Gun by clicking here.  

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