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Besides what's covered in these articles or the subjects of my various e-books, most questions I receive are usually roughly the same and require me to recommend some products.

Although I usually preach buying from your local game store, some stuff is just never affordable in store compared to good old amazon.

So here are a couple of links ( if you're outside of Canada, you might have to shop around) from my affiliate program so I get some dollars if you buy your hobby supplies through here.  Bully!

This is getting quite big ( that's what she said )  of a list, so you might use the cmd/Ctrl + F function if you are looking for specific items.


I am currently using the complete kit found below.  I set it up to film an unboxing and review and have yet to use anything else, I really dig what that kit has to offer.

This kit it the best to start airbrushing in no time.  It comes with everything you need, so no mixing and matching different products and brands buying individually.   You can find more info on this kit by clicking here.


Maybe you already have a decent compressor; maybe you won an airbrush and are left compressor-less to start using it; maybe money ain't no thang, you have a bigger budget and want to skip the whole "for beginner" part.  Well step right up.

There really isn't much to a compressor.  Yes, you can buy one with a tank, or an ultra quiet one, but really,  I'd buy 2 of these before buying into a bigger one.

With your compressor, you will need a couple of doodads, namely a hose ( 6 FT Braided Airbrush Air Hose 1/8" - 1/4") and  either an adapter ( Badger Air-Brush 50-023 Air brush Compressor Adaptor, 0.25" ), or a whole set ( KKmoon Professional 7pcs Airbrush Adaptor Kit Fitting Connector Set For Compressor & Airbrush Hose)if you're not sure.

I'm putting these here as they are the common ones, but look at the specs on your airbrush and compressor to buy the right ones.

There seldom is anything more frustrating than buying cool new things and not being able to use them right away.


Much like paint, brand biais is pretty strong in airbrushes.  Some painters swear by a single brand, loathe other brands.  I am fairly neutral in all this, having tried a whole bunch of them.
 Until a brand is willing to sponsor the blog ( wink, wink, nudge nudge ) I'll try to remain as neutral as possible and offer the pros of various brands.

Paasche is a brand that offers both beginner airbrushes like this and extremely high end products.  This one is (at the time of me writing this) 30% off, which is a killer deal.

The Iwata Eclipse is a pretty strong contender.  It's the 1st airbrush I've ever had, it is super durable and does pretty much everything.  Price is the issue, but if you are patient, they go on sale quite often and you can get them for 200$

The Badger Patriot 105 is the best starter airbrush in my opinion.  It's inexpensive and easy to use.

The Renegade Krome, also by Badger is pretty much the Patriot above on steroids.  It costs a bit more, but offer much more options for finesse than it's 105 counterpart.

Other cool toys:

Pimp Brushes and Soap


The Badger Spray Gun

This spray gun is a beast.  I use it for terrain, primer and basecoats.  It's simple to use and fits with my geneal hobby motto: Get shit done.

You can find the complete specs on the Basic Spray Gun by clicking here.

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