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Value-Town ( Some of the more popular articles )

The Dirty Dozen - 12 Colors to Rule them All

Paint Models - Get Money

A 5 step process so you can become a blooming miniature painter!

1- Be Ready!
2- The Plan
3- Myth Bustin'
4- The One About Painting
5- The One About Selling


1- Myth Bustin'

2- The College / Budget Mancave


3- The Ultimate Desk

4- Budget Friendly Hobby List

1- Knowing is half the battle

2- The Art of the Quickie

3- Make it Pop Pop POP

4- Bribe the Judge


5- Spray and Pray, But Mostly Spray

6- The Emperor's Count-as

How to Become a Successful Professional Miniature Painter E-Books attached files: