Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nova Open Primer

Another tale of bat fights in a far away land incoming, as I leave tomorrow morning for Nova Open with Francois and Denis, fellow hosers.

I'm really thrilled as this will be my first time at this venue, and I hope I manage to keep some dignity in what is one of the most competitive format of gaming.  I'm pretty happy with my list and had more playtest than any army I brought to a tournament before.

I'll also try out at the painting competition that I've forgotten the name of.  I'll be straight with you, I don't have much hope, as I've mentioned before, painting display miniatures is not my bag of tea, but I have a piece I'm very fond of.  Look for the realest Ogryn in the game, the ghetto-est mini in the competition for sho'.  Man I wish there was a prize for that.

Goals and stuff:

I usually set out for some goals so here they are:

Score wise, with the bracket system at Nova, I don't really know what to expect.  Should I go 4-0 and be in the 1st bracket, I will scream/shout/drink ore than usual, and proceed to loose the 4 other games with grace and no shame.  I'd like to get 6-2 in the weekend, I'm fairly confident that my army list and aggressively average skill level can carry me that far.

I'd also like to get top 5 in painting, as I've invested quite some time in my army and am quite pleased with how they turned out.  It's the first army in the last 2 years I've built in painted without the intent of selling it right away, and I must admit that I'd forgotten the fun behind it.  A long heartfelt article will follow on that subject, get ready to be moved.  No homo.

Also, a few peeps I'd like to have a drink with.  Who are you trying to fool, I hear you wonder?  Everyone knows Johnny Canuck over here never stops at A drink.  Drinks will be had, and with whoever happens to be in the proximity of my drinking.

As is a traditions with the tournament primer, I leave you with the battle cry for the weekend:

If you are reading this and attending the event, come say hi and share a brewski or two.  If we meet at the tournament, kindly know that I'll drink you under the table and crush your every dreams of winning.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm still alive!

Not much time to post with Nova right around the corner and much painting to be done.  I did post this sweet article on Torrent of Fire today, and since I've neglected you guys in the last weeks/month, here's a shot of my WiP display board for my Nova Army.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New stuff!

I'm not dead yet, the massive ammount of dwarves I have to paint as not seen the best of me!  I am killing it in that departement, thnaks for asking by the way, they will look as awesome as short fat bearded drunkard can be.  Which is helluvalot awesome.

Not on the dwarf departement, my weiner. this brand new article of Paint for Point about color theory and contrast.

Stay tuned, haters!