Thursday, November 27, 2014

Blood for the Blood God!

Devoted readers (all 2 of them) might remember this guy poping up in some posts and article:

A title forging a narrative, like Blood Lord James McBadass, is all that was missing for this project. You know how most painters look at that one mini and say:  Ooooooh I really want to paint that guy.  Well I do that with battleforces.  I always want units or something playable ( despite never playing ) instead of just a lone model. Well, Blood Lord James McBadass just got a bunch of friends now.

Instead of just doing my usual thing, I wanted to try new techniques on them.  These are WIP, but I assure you, they look just as weird and un-uniform in real life.  Also, the bases were part of a trade with a friend, I have no clue where to find them anymore, so if I want to expand, I'll use Secret Weapon Field of Bones and mix and match them through the army.

No clue if I'll expand this force, keep it on a bookshelf/box, or sell it, but here's the Technique-Tryers of the Skull Lord Battlegroup, lead by Blood Lord James McBadass.

FORGING... A...NARRATIVE.  Nailed it!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

FTGT Hobby Budget Challenge

This is the first installement in what is going to my Tales of a Gamer, brought to you by FTGT.  Here are the basic rules for those unfamiliar with Tales of a Gamer: Each month, participants can only spend X amount (ours is 75 USD ) per month on models for an army, and must painted said models in the month.  Sounds easy enough?

So I embark upon this quest with a relatively un-original project, Crimson Slaughter, for a bunch of reasons, each more legit than the next.
First, because I’ve wanted to paint a Dark Vengeance set for a while. 
Second, because of the one unit-ish limit per month, I can’t use an army I want to use soon, because deadlines and stuff.
Third, I also mentionned some sort of Lunch-Hammer  going on around december, so this Hobby Challenge will get my 500-ish point army going.

This is also a fun change for me, as I usually paint whole armies at a time, so painting only a small number of models each month might prove fun.  Or it might be my downfall.  We’ll see.

The challenge starts on December 1st, expect an update a week about the challenge, which will become the Tuesday FTGT Hobby Challenge day.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Slow Week!

Yeah, this will not be the greatest week for this blog, last week was slow on the painting side, so I don't have shiny stuff to show you.  But this week, I don't work much hours at the store so I can actually get models done!

Nagash and his friends will get a lot of work, because I've had them since forever and holding these badass hostage is not great.  Plus  the Nagash model is insane, I want to paint it so bad.

Bunch of dwarves.   60-some infantry, and touch ups on a unit that was done by another painter while I was too busy to take on comissions.

Also, with my Da Boyz winnngs, I started the works on my ND Open army, that's on the 1st week of March.  It's early, but I really want to get it done early so I can work on competition models.   Also, it's super close to Adepticon this year, so I need to do this one ahead of time because I suspect I'll have much to do for Adepticon.

Also, I'm painting some Khorne models in spare time, trying new techniques.  I have no real goal wiht this, but I'll add pictures tomorrow.

Here's to a week full of coffee and painting!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

BUGS! They are everywhere!

One of the project I've been working on for the past month through my ( non-existent) free time, a 2000 pts Tyranid army that me and Eric took to the Team Tournament at Da Boyz.  Bunch of pictures in the Photobucket gallery here!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Maulerfiend

Every once in a while, I get this dumb idea for a model that I know will get everyone laughing, including my non-gaming friends.  This is how I picked my Da Boyz list to include a maulerfiend.

More Pics after the break.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Da Boyz Part 3

If you missed part 2, check it out here.

Welcome to part 3 of my ramblings at Da Boyz tournament.  This part covers the GT part of the event, 5 games of alchool-induced blood, sweat, and tears.  Read on for glory!

Da Boyz Part 2

You can catch Part 1 here if you missed it.

Part 2 of Da Boyz  is about the Team Tournament.  This is the event I was the most looking forward too.  Not only did we build an army for the sole purpose of playing there,  the relaxed and drink-friendly mood of the event is really what I enjoy the most out of.

Da Boyz Part 1

I am back with another tale of international drinking and cursing.  Some Warhammer was also involved, maybe.  Hit the jump for tales of the pregame!

Monday, November 17, 2014

News from the battlefront!

We are back from the land of the free; Da Boyz is over; a gazillion new projects are on the table for me.   Here's what's in the works this week:

Le internets:

Obvious Da Boyz battle reports and tournament recap, with 8 games of fun and drinks to tell you about.  These should be out tomorrow.  Also this week, a Tyranid showcase of our team army, and a Maulerfiend showcase from my single's army that I  have yet to post.

I also enrolled into a Tale of Painters type of deal with my buddy Evan over at Facing the Grey Tide.  More on that later.

Le workbench:

David:  Too long has the King of undeath stayed unassembled in his box, so I'm planning on probably finishing Nagash, the vampire Lord and Neferata/other options in this kit.

Eric:  A new Pimp to add to his collection ( and my showcase ) of Primarchs, in the sexy form of Vulkan

Phil:  A Space Hulk boardgame, which is the 1st ever I'm gonna paint.

Alex:  A lot of bearded infantry to add to the force previously done ( That you can see here ! )

I also need to glue my daemons back together, as the box fell from the car at some point in the travel.  I did not muster the strength to open the box and see the damage, but by the sound of it, I'd say 7 infantry and 4 big guys.  Over/Under bets on the actual damage are going on as we speak.

Have a good week!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Le no news

No To Do list of the week?  Bro, you're slacking!  But I swear I'm not really.   I know it's late for an update and you guys, fatefutl readers mom, you deserve better.  Hit the jump for me showing you better ( not my weiner, I swear )