Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Sale! Zombies and Typhus Lord

Zombies!  Cold-Zombies right here!  Step right up sirs and madams, get your zombies right here!

This sales is just in time with the Death Guard release!
With all the new Death Guards incoming, I've sorted out through the 4 and a half Dark Imperium boxes that I had, and built all my Poxwalkers.

Because I have 90 of the new ones, I don't think these will see much play, so I'd rather send them to a good home than have them collect dust at the store on a shelf.

60 Military / Vietnam themed Zombies - Tabletop condition, some battle damage.  I got these back in early 6th edition, they are mixed plastic and metal bits and sadly I don't remember from which company I got them from.

Typhus- This is a model from Scibor miniatures that usually has wings.  He ties in perfectly with the zombies above and is painted to a high standard.  He his also quite big, the base is a terminator size.

I'd rather sell the zombies and the lord together,  and if you dont want the brown bases, you can save a buttload on shipping.  

Looking for 160, can bargain.  Ask Juice how much that makes in food stamps, I don't know.

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