Thursday, June 22, 2017

Do You Have the Base Essentials?

Nope, not bare, not basic, base.  As in, miniature bases, and the supplies you need to make them awesome.

This week's Master your Mancave is everything about bases.

Master your Mancave - BASE 4 DAYZ

Good bases make even the most 3-colored models stand out and look better than they should.  In the same fashion, poor base choice or unfinished bases will ruin the prettiest of paint jobs.

It's no wonder the Basic Book series are my best selling e-books, y'all ain't no fools, you know what is up.

On a more practical approach, basing material is a logistical nightmare for your mancave.  But there are ways, smart ways, to get everything in order and functional fashion.

There are three issues with basing supplies:

1- The amount of stuff you collect regarding basing, specially if you have some terrain and display board supplies with it ( as you should, what sort of peasant army do you have that's not on a display board ?!? )

2- Limited use.  If you're basing the smart way, which is all together for a whole project in a single large batch, you should not be using your basing kit on the regular.

3- It's incredibly messy.  Doing bases, just like terrain and display board is a messy task.

And the best solution to this is dedicated Basing Box.  I use a large cardboard box that is filled with everything or so that I use, thrown there in a chaotic mess.  It includes everything:

- 2-3 various kind of glue and a hot glue gun
- a foam cutter
- various plascticard rods, beams and sheets
- cork sheets
- sand, rocks and other basing materials
- Static grass, herb tufts, and the likes.
- Extra bases - All the extra bases that come with kits, or leftover from buying resing bases for some projects.  It makes no sense not having them there, as you most likely won't need bases except when building bases.

But this is me, and I thrive on chaos, I don't like tidying up stuff like this.  If you do, bully! and instead of a cardboard chaotic nightmare, I highly suggest a toolbox.  You can get some dirt cheap on amazon that you can compartmentalize.  Here are my cheap and useful picks:

STANLEY 16-Inch Black and Yellow Auto Latch Tool Box

STANLEY 016013R 16-Inch Series 2000 Tool Box with Tray, Black/Yellow

So until next time,
No excuses, hobby like a champion!

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