Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weekly Hobby - League of Legends Miniature

This week's hobby of the week features ore completed projects!  Two this week in fact.

These character were one of the remaining commish work I had laying around, and this week seemed like the perfect time to give them a taste of the ol'paintbrush.

This one is a RPG miniature, a half dragon character.  The skin is a blend from human skin tones to a more draconic red look, and glowing yellow eyes.

The second one is another cool looking model.  Because it came with the artistic liscence " just make it look cool " I painted it like Caitlyn from League of Legends.  Boom! Headshot!

In fact, the instagram response to the gunner lady made me look into the real LoL miniatures.  I'll definitely try my hand at those soon.

Here's a little preview of things to come:

Next week's Weekly Hobby will be somewhat lame, a couple of bases for Pox Walkers.

After that, in no order, I have my ATC army, that will probably take only a weekend to paint.

Then, some more chaos goodies because I made a super awesome fun 8th edition CSM list

And finally a Forge World Primarch, namely a Magnus and the whole duel display base to go with the Leman Russ I painted earlier.

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