Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Start Collecting Challenge.

Because one can never have too much hobby, I am now taking part in the store's Start Collecting Challenge!

What is that you may wonder?  Good question, bro; read on!

This challenge is 4 months long, and ties in perfectly with the launch of 8th edition 40K.

In month one, July, every player gets a Start Collecting or half of the Starter Set, builds and paint this set.  In the last weekend of the month, we gather at the store to a) show off our month's work and b) have a good old fashion battle.

In the following months, you buy a box of your choice to add to your Start Collecting force, paint it and bring at the end of the month's shindig.

There are no real rules tied to this, just simple build it paint it bash it event.

I have 2 armies lined up for 8th edition, some Ultramarines and a Nurgle-esque CSM army, but for this challenge, I'm instead torn between a Start Collecting Tzeentch or a Start Collecting Khorne.

I sold off my ATC Daemons, and my Nurgle side of thing is pretty much complete, and all I have of other Daemons are the remains of my Tetrad (RIP) - A daemon Prince of each Slaanesh, Khorne and Tzeentch.

Here's how I'm looking at things:

SC! Tzeentch
SC! Khorne

Lord of Change
Blood Thirster

Blue Horors ( because splitting is cool and Brimstones seem to still be a valid competitive choice in the grand scheme of things )
Blood Crushers ( You get to play a Vanguard detachment ( or whichever is 1 Herald and 3 units of Crushers ) with the collection.

I'm waiting on getting my ass handed over in the monthly games before picking something for the last month.  I'm leaning towards a second LOC/BT, because the models are awesome and large violent beasts seem to be good in 8th.  But that's a dilemma for future Max.

So, all of this pondering to say, if you want to join in, please do!  Internet is wonderful and I would love nothing more than showcase reader's Challenge models! And well, these might become a regular Weekly Hobby feature.

Until next time,
No excuses, hobby like a champion!

PS- I might also forego of this plan and dig into Astra Militarum or Nids, 2 armies I've had my eye on for a while that simply were not viable enough for me in 7th.

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