Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Hellfire Mission Statement

Hi there, my name is Max Dubois.  I'm a hobby degenerate that moved from working in a game store, to full time commission painter, to opening my own game store.  Through this time, I've kept painting   new armies and attending tournaments, which is pretty much what I like the most about this hobby.  Lately, I've been more dedicated to helping fellow painters get the results they want from the hobby using the techniques and methods I've developed and learned over the past decade.

I’m writing this post to use as kind of a permanent “Hello!”, since the new posting schedule keeps bringing a lot of new visitors, and casting around wondering where to start on a giant site like this with over 300 published articles. Most people arrive with the same question:

"I hear this Max guy writes some useful stuff and many people are stepping up the hobby game for themselves using his advice", they are saying, "but I am a busy person. Can I use these techniques!?"

Great question, bro.  Here's how I see it:

My motto is "No excuses; hobby like a champion".   Meaning that whatever goal you have currently regarding your hobby, there is a way to achieve it.

I like to see people succeed.  And everything I do here is towards that purpose, towards never again hearing " I can't..." or " I don't want to..." or "I would but..."

My approach to painting is quite straightforward and in line with my motto:  Put painted miniatures on the table.  Every time.  Sometimes these models are amaze-balls, sometimes they are barely 3 colors.  And there are ways to achieve the amaze-balls status if you're not there yet.  There are ways to get the 3 colors on your entire collection even if you've never had more than 10 painted miniatures in your life.  There are even more ways to transition from 3 colors to amaze-balls.

And this is where I come in.  This is where 300 articles, multiple E-Books, live chats and a handful of youtube videos come in.

From getting you past that sticking point to the success point.

So welcome! I’m glad you’re here, and let’s get started. For the long-time readers – let’s keep going!  And until next time, no excuses; hobby like a champion!

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