Thursday, May 18, 2017

Master any Army Overnight!

Reading is hard, yo.  Don't let that stop you from rocking the tabletop.

Yes, this blog values efficiency above most things, and playing your army to the max is no exception. 

And yes, there's a best way and a lot of meh ways about it.


Like there's more than being freaking awesome like Arnaud and knowing everything all at once?  


Part 1 - Who is this Arnaud ( ARRR- NO ) and why should I care?

Arnaud is one of my best buddy.  He plays a whole lot of Warhammer, he used toi play a whole lot of magic, and he's know locally to come up with all the good stuff and lists in any books.

A month ago or so. Arnaud took up Age of Sigmar and has been rocking everybody's face ( except the damned tzeench things it seems) ever since.  How do you literrally gitgud so fast?

Well, maybe he's a natural.  Like picking up chicks or going to the gym and looking like Dom Mazetti in a week, maybe it's god's plan for him or whatever.  But not me.  I don't get that good that fast.  Or that large for that matter.  #gainswhereyouat

Part 2 - What about the Kevins ( Those who don't get it, like you and me )

However, I do like to get the most out of my armies, because, as previously stated, I enjoy winning and I don't usually get a lot of play time.

So besides  just being good at it, what's my secret?  Tackle army books like it it was school.

Basically, give it the old college try

Flash cards, cheat sheet, study sesh, pick your poison, it freakin' works.  It's how I learned the whole daemon's and Curse of the Wulfen Book in a week prior to ATC.  Flash cards and sticky notes in army books.

How I figured this out?  Watching this youtube channel.  Like most of my painting techniques and methods; or most of what I succeed at in life, I pick up random tricks from another sphere of life, and apply it to the hobby.  Efficient study is no exception.

Now you know my secret.  Git Gud, or die trying, gangsta.

Until next time,
No excuses; hobby like a champion!

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