Thursday, August 3, 2017

The terrain madness continues!

An hour a day on terrain gets you a whole lot of tables.  At least, that's my tactic for building 32 tables worth of terrain in a short delay.

A while back, we had a big terrain building day to prepare for the Quebec City Open.  You can read  that article here.

The terrain day was a huge success, and the bulk of the work, the hard part, got done almost in full.  What is left now is finishing each box to tournament ready status.

So that's pretty much what I'm doing now.  Everyday last week, I got to the shop an hour early, picked up a box and made sure it was viable terrain.

Now, I'm going for bulk, IE, I want to get 32 tables done to a good enough look, but if you are working on a single table instead of a  lot, pick a single piece of terrain to finish daily instead of a whole box.

This is a pretty decent strategy, and I feel like I get easily get through all the boxes before the Quebec City Open, with time to spare for other terrain, like the awesome THM stuff, Blood Bowl stuff and a buttload of  2D terrain that I have no idea how to do at the moment.

Here's a week's worth of terrain hacking, an hour a day:

 Well might has well have Jack and Thierry have a game on that terrain

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