Thursday, February 16, 2017

Updates, Posting Schedules and Whatnots

Updates:  I'm writing a lot lately, because I enjoy it and obviously don't sleep, like ever.  So that's that.

Which brings me to the next point:

Damn straight.  I've started working on this book a little over a year ago and it's pretty much a banger.  Get it here or in the E-Book Section at the top.

Speaking of sections:

 I've added a tools and gear section with some affiliate links.  It's going to grow in the next weeks, but really, this is just a way to cover some of the most frequent questions I get about what to buy.  And it's helping me fund my gazillion side projects with this blog and the hobby.


Besides the Nurgle Daemons posted yesterday, I am working on 2 armies for Adepticon.  1 4K points Space Wolves army for the Team Tournament, and my single's army.  I am not posting pictures because I want to keep them under wraps until the event.  Not that this blog has a massive traffic, but I don't want to blow the wow effect of seeing it for the 1st time live for the precious and dedicated viewers I have.

Posting Schedule:

With my more writing and easing in to the new job,  I will have a more permanent and cinsistant posting schedule, namely,  Tuesday Tool's Day, which is either gonna be a product review, tutorial or something and a Thursday Lifehack, which will be a 1 point quick article on a hobby subject.  Hit me up if you have suggestions, questions or topics you'd like covered in these, I will do my best to cover those in a timely fashion.

While I get set with this posting schedule, I will also re-upload some of my blog contributions that were on the now offline Torrent of Fire, and with that, update the " Hobby Ressources" page at the top.

Frenchie, out.

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