Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bringing AOTM Back!

The Army of the Month is back... sorta.

Well, I did finish painting an army, and I do have one planned for February, so who's to say where it will end.  In the mean time, here's my Nurgle Daemonic Incursion.

More pictures on Facebook here.  Or hit the jump for 2 variation of lists for 1850 and some tactics on using the gooey goodness.

The models you need for these lists is roughly:

2 Heralds, one on a Palanquin.  If you don't have a Epidemius or a Port-a-potty, you can use a Plaguebearer Champ with some Nurglings to great effect.

4 Boxes of Plaguebearers

2 Boxes of Plague Drones

3 Boxes of Spawns or 6 Beasts of Nurgle.  I used spawns because theyr were easier to find, but because the real models are too ugly even for a mother to love, count as are the key here.  FW Plague Toads are awesome.

4 Boxes of Nurglings

3 Soul Grinders.

The core of the lists is a Daemonic Incursion with 3 Formations: The Tallyband, The Rotswarm and The Forgehost.

The Tallyband

Epidemius or a jacked up Palaquin herald - Epidemius is fun, Jacked up Herald is better.

4 Units of Nurglings
2 Units of Plaguebearers
1 Large unit of Plaguebearers with an Icon.

The number of Plague bearers in the large unit is depending on the points you have left, I've never played with less than 15, 19 is a good number.  This is the core of the army, plaguebearers are nice, they are resilient and can deep strike, Nurglings are annoying, can stop infiltration and take on a lot of units by themselves.

The Rotswarm

1 Herald with Locus of Fecundity ( FNP)
6x 1 Beast of Nurgle
1x 5-6 Plague Drones unit.  Banner and Champion ideally.

This formation flies under the radar in favor of the screamers or hounds formation, but it is quite powerful.  The herald can command one unit in the formation *AHEMplaguedronesAHEM* +3 attacks per models during your turn of Close Combat.  That's a buttload of attacks.  The formation also cannot be over watched, which makes it excellent versus Tau.  Beasts are nice, they can take on Warp Spiders pretty well as well as small podding marines.  The herald is the real MVP because he has a 12" FNP bubble.

The Forgehost

You might prefer playing Daemon Lords or adding big stuff to the army, but the Soul Grinders are doing work for me.  With the Mark of Nurgle and the Maw flamer, you can deep strike them around, flame some units and have them survive a turn easily enough to cause havoc in the game.  They also count towards Epidemius's kill tally, so bonus.

Pros and Cons:

This army is really fun to play with or against, which is rare of 40K armies these days.  It does well versus top lists, and fluff armies can still have some fun.

You are not playing a bucketload of psychic dice, or any at all for that matter.  Put this in the column of your choice.

No Grimoire/Fateweaver shenanigans, but the Incursion does give youplus or minus one to the Warpstone table.

About painting:

Painting for all this was along the motto: Playable.  There is still more that can be done to most models, the plaguebearers for example are exactly 3 colors.  Green, Rust and Blood.  They will most likely stay like this until I want to hit a tournament with the army.

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