Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Honey, I'm home!

Twice the fun this week, as the tittle was refering to 2 things.

a) This badboy is back in stock over on Amazon.

b) My new schedule starts this week.

So to recap:

A)  The Ultimate Airbrush Set is Back!

It was pointed out recently by faithful reader Fred that the best in the business was not longer available on amazon.  It's back now.  In the meantime, we found this cool alternative that comes with a fancier and quieter compressor ( because of the tank ) and only a fraction more.

Versus the OG

B) New Schedule

By this, I mean my work schedule has cleared up, or , put more accurately, I cleared it up to make more time for this blog and hobbying.  Bully!

What this means for you is no change in posting - still on a 3 blog post per week and a monday instagram motivational- but a lot more hobby related stuff going on like daily instagramz and facebook posts.

Wednesday's Weekly Hobby should have a lot more content as I have 15 hours to hobby rather than 5 or less.  I might also start to take some projects for money again.  If there's anything you fancy, drop me an email and we can talk commish.

Until next time,
No excuses; hobby like a champion!

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