Thursday, June 15, 2017

Do You Practice What You Preach?

'Cause I sure do.

Coming to you now live from the crime scene from Hellfire TV!

A few weeks ago, we published something about learning new rules with flashcards.  Well, there's a new edition; I have a new army; lo and behold I have some fancy new flashcards!  Booyahchakka!

Here are a couple of foot notes to step up your flashcard learning:

1- Keep them in order at first.  

The bigger the endeavor, more important does this become.  Breaking down your study into specific sections to truly master them before trying to learn 100+ cards with no order of sequence is better.  It makes things more manageable to lookup the cards you got wrong after if it's all from a specific section.

I the corner of my cards, I note down a section or character where the card is from, this can be a specific unit  (W for Weapons in this instance ) or a phase in the game.

2- Highlight, Underline or Capitalise the important details.

Take this made up example card:

Q: What is the Canhuck Wonderpunch special rule

A: On a 6, damage is increased to D6

Is it a 6 to hit or to wound ?

Special rules are often intricate and have specific details.  Make sure they are on the cards and that you do know them.  Is it  models or units within 8',   is it army wide or a specific keyword.

3- Make too many cards and throw some out as you go.

After a couple of session, you might notice some cards are way too easy.  Stuff like stats for a bolter, or things that remained pretty much unchanged since forever.  Throw them out as you go.

On the other hand, not making a card at first because it seems easy ( when you have the answer in front of you ) leads to gap in learning.

It does not work the other way around; you can't just add cards of things you don't know as you go, because, well, you won't know that you don't know, you know?

And these card cost like half a penny each, so the saving money argument is kinda lame.

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