Tuesday, October 25, 2016

News from the Great White North

I'm not dead yet, I swear.

But I've been busy.  It's not you, it's me.  I really want to focus on my career right now,  

Lame excuses, I know.  But because this frenchy doesn't deal in excuses and whinning, here's what's up.

So, all those things I said earlier, about being busy and focussing on my career, they're all true.

I really want to focus on my career
With the sudden demise of my LGS - where I was working full time when not painting like a raving maniac, I've taken it upon myself to open my own game store.  Here's a link if you're curious and don't mind all the french.

I've been busy
My entire month of September was spent building and running the 1st edition of the Quebec City Open, a 40K AoS, warmachin, X-Wing and painting competition in Quebec.

It's not you, it's me
The best part through all of this is the awesome support I have received from all of you guys through this non-posting time.  I still get PMs, new instagram buddies, and sell a lot of e-books.  I'm so thankful for all this, it means a whole lot more than you know.

Don't leave, I'll change...

So what can you amazing people from the internet expect from here?  Truth is:  a lot.

In no order whatsoever:

1- The miniature painting will resume shortly.  I have 4  unpainted armies in boxes at home sitting on shelves and I'm dedicating a part of the store for a painting workshop.  It's all coming back in due time.

2- Re-uploads of past articles.  Because some of my best blog articles were taken down elswhere, I will repost them here for everyone's convinience.

3- E-Books.  As of now, I have 2 full books and 3 half done other, missing pictures and final touches.  These will see the light of day and I'm aiming at 1 per month in 2017.  It seems to be really popular with everyone, so I will work on those ASAP.

4- Adepticon.  With all this work and no pay attitude, I had to back out of a lot of my favorite thing in the world:  tournaments.  However, Adepticon is locked in and confirmed.  So there will probably be some painting involved and a mandatory tournament report once I get back.

In the meantime, no excuses, hobby like a champion.

TL;DR:  Like Arnold, I'll be back.

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