Monday, July 13, 2015

Honey I'm Home!

I have now undergone massive ball-removal surgery and become this super trendy hipster. I mean by this, of course, that I now own a laptop and can blog from the comfort of my friendly local Starbucks. Yay me.

My new stream setup ( ) has gotten in the way of my bogging/writing in general, because my computer is tucked in a corner of my painting space. NOT ANYMORE WILL I BE BOUND TO CRAPPY CORNERS, NO SIR!

So I will go back to the more blogging and writing stuff, and keep on producing somewhat decent videos for Youtube, with the occasional stream, should I paint something interesting for a change.

And since you were expecting pictures, here's a bunch of nude pics of Keiv the bases for my upcoming Nids army.

I was debating leaving them like this or going all out on the details, but the more I play the 'nids, the more I think I'll paint them to my decent tabletop standard and sell them after NOVA. If you're in the market looking to get your own #lictorshame, hit me up playa.

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