Monday, September 29, 2014

To Do List of the week!

I'm working more hours at the store these last 2 weeks, which means that I'm not painting as much as I'd like.   However, the beastmode is still strong, and I will try to finish a bunch of stuff this week to show off.  Here's what's on the table ( not a metaphor ) in no particular order:

Chaos Lord on Manticore
Warshrine of Nurgle

Raven Guard Terminators and bunch of bases
Baal Pred

Nagash, Neferata, Custom Vampire Lord

Tournament stuff, there's 3 events in the foreseeable future that I need models for:
Chaos Stuff for the DA Boyz Single and Other Chaos Stuff for Chaos Ludik's team tournament
Stuff for Da Boyz double, that my buddy Eric has finished converting.

I will knock the Chaos Warrior for sure this week, and try to finish the Chaos Ludik army, as the event is in 2 weeks.  As usual, I am scattered all over the place, if you see your project is missing from my list, drop me a message.

Until next time!

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