Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bow down to the expert

Well, I'm no longer a self proclaimed painting and modelling expert.  Somebody else said it and since it's now on the internet, it must be true.  In the immortal words of Socrates:  BOOYAHCHAKKA, haterz !

Modesty aside, this is another fun side project I get to be a part of and I'm really thrilled about it, as the articles on ToF will have a  different tone than what I usually share.  I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I like to write them!

PS-  If you are new here, or still unfamiliar with my twisted sense of humor, I must look like a pretentious snob.  I don't care.  Dammit, I did it again.  I swear I'm much nicer in person.

PPS- There are quite many weiner jokes to be made with that title.  I can add it to sharks and iPods in my long list of running jokes.

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