Friday, February 14, 2014

Hobby Quick Tip: Picking Colors

Read on for a list of the colors

Colors and steps for most stuff :
( Unless where specified,  I have mostly GW colors )

1- Leadbelcher
2- Runefang Steel
3- Nuln Oil

4- Runelord Brass
Runefang Steel
5- Agrax Earthshade

6- Celestra Grey ( Ulthuan Grey is smoother if you have a light basecoat )
7- White Scar

8- P3 Thamar Black
Highlight using the same black mixed with #10

9- Steel Legion Drab
10 - Screaming Skull
Agrax Earthshade

11- P3 Sanguine Base
12- Evil Sunz Scarlet

13- Rhinox Hide
highlight Rhinox Hide with Screaming Skull
Wash Nuln Oil

Not in the video, skin color:
14-Bugman's Glow.
Highlight mixing with white
Shade with dilluted Rhinox Hide.

If you'd like me to go into details about a color, leave it in the comments!

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